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It's a little game about three boys from my animations on youtube.

The Channel's called GameStraback Yasmin.

In this you should try to get trough does three story's in wich each one has a different person who you are going to get trough the end with.

There is more then one end, but only one true end. Because this is just a Demo you only get to go through one story. I need more time to finish it, but i must go somewhere else right now wich means I could make just a Demo or at least I wanted to make one before I go ;D .

It should be about romance and getting along with each other, but at some point i started to drift of with my thoughts again, so just see for your self what this is all about.



My Youtube Chanel

Install instructions


Hello and thank you for downloading this game :D

First you should open it with double click on it to unzip it first.

After that you must have a folder wich you should open.In the folder you must look for the file wich is named "Start_Game_Here" and if you double click on there it must open ;D.

Have Fun



Hallo und danke fürs Herunterladen von dem Spiel :D

Zuerst solltest du durch doppelklick die Datei entpacken.

Danach müsste ein Ordner gekommen sein den du öffnen musst.In dem Ordner müsste eine Datei mit dem Namen "Start_Game_Here" sein und  wenn du Doppelklick darauf machst sollte es sich öffnen ;D.

Viel Spaß



Y-Boyz(GSB)-all.zip 85 MB

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